Christelle Hargroves

Christelle specialises as a Talent and Development Executive and is a qualified Organisational Psychologist with over 10 years experience in the People and Human Resource space, with exceptional business insight and understanding.


As an applicant for any position, whether internal to your organisation or external, it is important to understand that the recruitment industry has undergone dramatic changes in recent years.

Some of these include:

An ever changing job market in an increasingly globalised world with online and digital channels adding additional functions to the recruitment space.

A newly flexible workforce more prone to switching jobs, and in return increasing job turnover which leads to a high volume of vacant positions at any given time.

An industry which has become increasingly professionalised and competitive, as companies actively look for talent potential and high talent individuals to include in their succession pipeline and leadership programmes.

Today’s recruiters deal with an extremely high volume of job applications daily, and still aim to search for and nurturing talent from all the right places.

Finding ways to get more good quality applicants into their shortlist, in the fastest possible time, is essential for any recruiter.


● Immediately sets you apart from other applicants (internal or external) when a recruiter/company views your application

● Focuses on providing the recruiter/company with a snapshot of your key strengths which adds to recruiters’ agenda of finding high talent individuals

● Provides objective information highlighting key individual strengths to add to your job application

● Credible report customised by an Organisational Psychologist

● Can be customised to suit an application for a specific position

● Gain personal insight that would be useful for yourself and self awareness

● 48 hour turnaround time

● Easy to complete online questionnaire that takes about 15-20min


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